Summer 2019: California and Hawaii – The Typical Tourist

Happy family due to the stunning lack of wet-blanket, Florida heat. A snack trio that proves Disney knows our dessert-loving hearts, and Dole whip before lunch. Because Dole whip. Enjoy!

A note: See that handsome guy *smiling* in front of that mountain?? The “mountain” is the Matterhorn, an original Disneyland ride, and riding it with his own dad is one of my husband’s favorite, most grounding childhood memories. That’s saying a lot for a Navy brat. So, we go to Disneyland.

Also, Galaxy’s Edge is open. I like and appreciate Star Wars and George Lucas. I have no idea what this land/market/building is supposed to be. But I know some of you are oohing and ahhing. And I adore you. You’re welcome. Share on Facebook Tweet Follow us Share Share Share Share Share