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Let’s chat for a moment about travel and baggage. (The actual suitcases; this isn’t a psychological post!) Airlines these days are getting VERY specific about what constitutes a personal item and a carry on. In the US, prior to 9/11, you could easily use a full 22” carry on, maybe even 24” if it was soft sided. This is definitely no longer the case. Airlines took a hard economic hit after 9/11 – personally, we canceled a flight in 2001 and didn’t fly again for five years – so airlines altered their planes by compacting the space between rows (hello 10”) to fit more rows of seating, but no more space for luggage. More people on the same plan equals greater efficiency. This situation remains. In addition, for major airlines like United to compete with “value” airlines like Spirit and Frontier, they have created a fare called “Basic Economy” which includes only a personal item; bringing a carry-on or checking luggage incurs additional fees. *cha-ching!* So, where does that leave a traveler?

For our family, this scenario puts us squarely in “carry on only” travel. Yes, we just did 10 days in California then Hawaii with ONLY carry-ons! (We did have a washer/dryer half way through the trip and this has become a key component to our carry-on travel success.) After much research and cost comparison, our family purchased and used this carry-on: [ https://amzn.to/2l5KYwX ]. It is a 20” with four wheels that spin all directions and a telescoping handle. I chose the Navy one pictured below; my gals actually have aqua/teal. (Amazon Prime Days are 7/15&16 – does this need to be on your list?? Set a reminder to use the link above!)

My Verdi 20″ hard side carry-on packed and ready to go!

Usually, I love to have little slots, pockets, and hidden spots in a travel bag. This has NONE of those, but that’s the key to this little beauty. In retrospect, I packed WAY too many clothes for this trip. Seriously, Way too many. But, they ALL fit in this case! So, I call it a win for this trip and a lesson for the next trip!

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So, how did I fit 11 shirts, 8 pairs of shorts, 3 bathing suits, 2 dresses, pajamas, undies, and a pair of sandals into this beauty? In order to show you, my readers, my magical packing skills, I made my *first* Typical Tourist video! Click the link below, check it out, and leave a *kind* if constructive comment!

Packing 101 with The Typical Tourist : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glFHYUbxHo8

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