Summer 2019: California and Hawaii – The Typical Tourist

Enjoying our MacMurray vineyards wine at Wine Country Trattoria!

On our last night in Anaheim, we opted for Wine Country Trattoria inside California Adventure Park. Italian food (read comfort food), good California wine, and an inviting atmosphere seemed like a solid plan – and it was all that and more!

We started with the Caprese Salad and Italian Insalata, standards of an Italian restaurant, but well executed. For our entrees, my younger gal and my husband both chose the Spaghetti Bolonese with Meatballs – and agreed that the sauce and the meatballs were the BEST they’ve had in recent memory! (I’m still trying to not take this too hard as I haven’t made homemade sauce in a hot minute. *puts it on the summer to do list*) My older daughter chose the Vegetable Lasagna Rustica – not vegetarian as it had Bolonese sauce, but she could have chosen that option. Just looking at the delicious melted cheese on top should let you know that it was warm, gooey, and everything a good veggie lasagna should be. Finally, when I saw the Aglio Olio, I knew I had to try it. Aglio Olio is a staple rustic dish, embracing all that is good about olive oil, garlic, and semolina pasta. While I never make it with broccoli, it was soul food for me, none the less. Ottimo!

Check out the full menu here:

Ciao California! Ti vogliamo bene!

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